wedding-party-cropThese can be the most demanding for a DJ simply because with so many diverse age goups, you
have to keep everybody satisfied, We have DJs from across the musical spectrum, but we don’t send anyone out under the age of 27 to do a wedding disco.

We are not ageist but the DJ has to be as near perfect that you can be as you will have age groups that vary from tots right up to people over 90, so you have to be a great all rounder,you have to know the best songs from era’s and that’s why we are so particular.

With all our discos you can speak to the DJ first and if you as not satisfied we have others to choose from.

We work with you so all your details are observed, right through from the possibility of setting up eariier, to the type of light background music required at you breakfast dinner, and your first and possibly second dance song’s through to the last song of the night.

For a wedding I would advise on a Silver Package at least, as this gives more of the right atmosphers for a special occasion, with bigger and better lights and a more polished sound system. although you can have any package you want.

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