Rock & Roll


rock and roll 

Rock and Roll (often written as rock’n’roll) is a genre of poptular music that
originated and evolved in the United States during the late 194os and eaty 195os. primarily
from a combination of the blues, country music and gospel music.

We provide a great in depth library of the most popular and colourful characters in it’s history

it is worth noting that while a lot ofpeople will associate rock‘n’rolI with a very fast styie there
are other toms of Rock’n’RoI, like doo wop and romantic bdlads which spawned artists like,
Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka. Frankie Lymon and the teenagers and Bobby Vinton.

Needless to say that we can perfectly mix dl aea’s ofthis music in with your event, weatheryou
want a rock‘n’roI evening orjust part of the night with this classic music.

We can also include music from the 50’s that wasn’t considered Rock ‘n’ Roll.
ons Here are just some of its most famous sand daughters if you wanted help to choose a play

Bill Haley and the Comets. Chuck Beny, Buddy Holy. Elvis Presiey. Little Richad, Fats Domino,
Jerry Lee Lewis. Eddie Cochran, Roy Orbison. The Big Bopper. Richie Vaiens.

The Platters, Chubby Checker, Cliff Richard The Coasters. The Ronettes, The Shireiies. Connie
Francis, Brenda Lee. The Four seasons, Ricky Nelmn Johnny Bumett,

Duanne Eddy, The Beach Boys. Jan and Dean. Del Shannon, Bobby Vinton. Lloyd Price
Freddie Ford. Buddy Knox, Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Everiey Brothers, Adam Faith. Johnny Kid
and the Pirates. Gene Vincent.

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