Particular about music?

How particular are you when it comes to music? For some it is the back drop to catching up with friends at functions, while for others it is one of, if not, the most important parts of the evening. If you are not a DJ or involved in providing discos,you may not be aware of what is involved In preparing your clients evening.

At All UK Best Discos we have several DJ‘s plus we offer a comprehensive set up which enables us to find out exactly what you are looking for at your event so we can offer you the right sort of package which includes sending you a playlist in advance of your party.

We offer four bands of disco to cater for your budget and size of event (see separate page for full details on the different packages).

Doing all events, we have to be able to play music from all ages and when reading the crowds reaction we have to make sure that the next song is chosen correctly otherwise it could make the dance floor evaporate.

We use DJ‘s we know have the right experience for the right event. So a wedding DJ has to have knowledge dating back to the earliest chart days right up to modern music.

You want a 70‘s night the DJ will be aware of the likes of T Rex, Slade, and Sweet from the early part of the decade and the likes of the Sugar Hill Gang, Chic and Abba from the later part.

Do you want an 80′s night? Then our DJ will be aware not only of the popular bands and songs from the decade, but also the one hit wonders and the not so well known songs you may not have heard for ages but love. Remember Echo Beach from Martha and the Muffins from 1980? Or Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved from the same year?

Was It Duran Duran’s Rio or perhaps Girls On Film that made you get on the dance floor? And don’t forget Tainted Love from Soft Cell or Don‘t You Want Me Baby from the Human League.

How would we cater for a Jazz or Bond night?

Typically as your guests arrive we would be playing light background music from the Jazz/Rat Pack era, then after dinner we would up the tempo where guests would be introduced to the likes of Beyond the Sea, Hey Mambo, El Beso and Music To Watch Girls Go By, then mixed in would be some rock ‘n’ roll and at the end of the night we would finish with songs like The Girl From Ipanema, Moon River, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and Sweet Caroline.

Even the most experienced DJ can be tested if they get requests that are guaranteed to clear the dance floor and sometimes the party audience are not interested in letting their hair down even if one plays great party tunes, but at the end of the day it is your party and we will use all our experience to make it a great party. If you have read this far it is a safe assumption that you relate to the above so why not take the next step and call us for a chat about your special occasion.

We are also happy to meet you face in face.

Thank you for your time.

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