Kid’s Parties


kids parties from 5 to 16 usualy last for 2-3 hours on average, as a number of schools we doparties
have two parties at one go.

This will usualy be the Standad package and can incude, if allowed smoke, bubbles, glow
sticks and od give aways plus prizes.

lfitlsa private partyforyourchild thenwecan doyour party durlngthe dayorevenlngweekday
or evening just like any other party for how ever hours you want.

Some chilaen when getting past 11 may not want paty games others will, explain what your
chlld is looking for and we can tailor the event to you Incorporating either a full dlsoo with dance
music your children know or games or both games and dance music and when I do kids disco’s
I’m happy for them to slng to the songs ifthey wish.

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