Equipment Hire

You or your friends may want to run the disco at your event, if this is the case then we can help you with our hire package system. We don’t supply CD’s, but we would be happy to give you a tutorial on how to set up and use the equipment and if you want us to deliver and set up the equipment we can do this as well, subject to conditions.

This comes with all the leads you will need including a microphone and headphone set.

We would advise the standard package as this is the most economical though it is completely up to you.


You can hire other add ons like strobes, smoke and bubble machines, cd prizes and glow sticks. Although we now cover the whole of the UK our equipment is stored in East Anglia so we have to take into consideration travel time and fuel. If you would like to cut down on costs you’re more than welcome to come and pick It up from us.

Hire Policy

Because of the value and cost of our equipment we have a strict policy guarding it. We will run checks on potential customers and if someone is proved to have a record for theft, we will not enter into an agreement. To use our equipment we must see two forms of proof of identity, one of which must be either a driving licence or a passport. At least one proof must contain the persons current living address. All equipment is tested in front of the user beforehand and inspected so the condition of the equipment is apparent and shown to be in good working order. On return the equipment goes through the same inspection. If there is damage to any items then the person who hired the equipment will be responsible for the cost to repair them. This will be taken out of a £250
deposit which the hirer will be asked to leave as security before they use the equipment. If the cost damage is more than the deposit then the person will make up the difference. The hirer will be asked to sign an agreement agreeing to this condition when the equipment is exchanged in the first instance.

General Wear and Tear

In any business relationship there has to be a certain amount of trust and good will. If equipment comes back faulty or stops during the hire period but appears not to be damaged, then we will run a test on it to determine the fault. If it is found to be part of the lifetime expectancy and not due to lack of care on the clients part then we will accept that.

What happens if any of my hire equipment breaks when I’m using it and it’s not down to me?

For a very small extra charge you can hire essential spares and if nothing goes wrong on the night then this charge is refunded after the equipment is checked on it’s return.

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