16 – 25 Year Old’s Parties

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rhianaIncluding school proms. school discos. youth clubs, kids. and the miIestone’s of 18th. 21st and
25th plus the llkelyhood of marriages and engagements

Typically this embodies the best of cunant releases and those going back only a handful of years other than the club classics like Robyns’ Show me love or Livin Joy’s ‘Dreamer’ or Ice Ice baby by Vanila ice, which are assured of getting People dancing.

A lot of the music at these functions are drawn from the Now series and we have the whole set dating back to 1983. Plus the latest releases that haven’t appeared on Now and you can request them on your play list.

This can include the different forms of popular currant music from R & 8. Funky house, Urban, Trance,
Hardcore, club indie, rock and simple pop music. Many people in this age goup will really want to
receive a play list in advance which is what we offer.

Our Sliver package offers those under the age of 25 the add on’s that come with the Gold and

Platinum packages which are the glow sticks, cd prizes, bubbles, smoke and lazershirtz

There’s no better slght than seeing a heaving dance floor with people strutting their stuff to tunes like ‘Your hands up for Detroit’, ‘Insomnia’ or ‘Rolex’, with the smoke hitting the light projectors giving a fantastic atmosphere to the party.

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